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Guarding the blue sky and white clouds, Hualing Xingmas 50 lightweight mixers were successfully delivered to Nanjing customers

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2020/04/27     PV :
On April 14, the Nanjing Municipal Construction Commission held a new city construction action deployment promotion meeting, and proposed to invest more than 120 billion yuan in 2020, implement 260 tasks in 16 aspects, and build a livable new city. This has brought new opportunities to the development of the Nanjing concrete industry. At the delivery ceremony, Hu Yingming, director of the Nanjing Green Building and Green Building Materials Development Center, said: "Nanjing concrete industry is a leader in the entire building materials industry in Nanjing and a business card in the country. It has always been in green production, technological innovation, safety and quality management, etc. Walking at the forefront of the country. As a representative of the Nanjing concrete industry, Jiangsu China Concrete officially launched equipment replacement today. This is not only a pragmatic move for enterprises to adapt to the new situation and changes, but also a strategic move for enterprise transformation and upgrading, which fully reflects the social responsibility of a modern enterprise. It is worth learning for reference. Hualing Xingma has provided strong material support for Nanjing concrete green production and scientific and technological progress for many years, and has made active contributions. Hope that Hualing Xingma will develop and contribute to Nanjing concrete industry under the new situation. Nanjing Urban Construction has continuously made new contributions. "
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