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Philippine Dealer 4S Shop Grand Opening

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2017/10/25     PV :
On 23th September , Yang Zhengxu, general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck International Corporation, and Yuan Zhongbo, general representative of China National Heavy Duty Truck, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of 4S shop in Philippine distributor.
At the opening ceremony, China National Heavy Duty Truck staff to the scene of more than 100 customers introduced the development process of China National Heavy Duty Truck and international strategy development policy to the more than 100 customers on the scence, showed China National Heavy Duty Truck and dealers will fully deepen cooperation in the local launch about new models, And constantly improve the sales and service network, better for the majority of customer service.
In recent years, China heavy truck Asia and Australia Philippine office fully grasp the pulse of the market, innovative marketing channels, increase market development efforts, so that China's heavy truck brand in the local household. In the past three years, China's heavy truck exports to the Philippine market, the heavy truck has occupied 60% of the Philippines heavy truck market share, and gradually developed into China's heavy truck export system sales market. In the future, the Asia and Australia will give full play to the advantages of the market, further lay the marketing network, do a good job in control, and effectively promote the implementation of China National Heavy Duty Truck Project.

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