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Datong Gear Company Smart Manufacturing Spectrum New

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"The robot automatically grabs the workpiece, installs the positioning, monitors the machining process, removes the finished product and detects it, and a set of actions are seamless and in one go." This is the scene seen in the hot after-grinding line of the Datong Gear Company's engine gear machining department.
The "engine engine gear and transmission intelligent manufacturing technology transformation project" has now completed 5 grinding tooth automated processing units and put into production. The automated production has improved the physical quality of Mantech's engine gears, and at the same time saving labor costs and achieving a higher production efficiency. 25 %.
The transformation and construction of intelligent and automated production lines are quietly changing the traditional processing mode. The “Reengineering Development” project is driving the quality and efficiency of Datong Gear's Company to a new height.
The gearbox shell production line adopts the internationally advanced Makino MMC flexible manufacturing system to meet the requirements of “multiple varieties, medium and large batches, and low cost” production methods and to reduce the labor intensity of workers. Combining the automatic processing system, logistics system, information system, and software system organically, the production capacity has been greatly improved at the same time as the scientific production management. The production cycle has reached 5 minutes/piece, and the entire processing process requires only two operators. The logistics system consists of Computer control is automated. The versatility and use of modular chemical equipment greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and effectively improve the quality of processing.
In accordance with the Group's “re-development and development” of the three major projects, in 2018, Datong Gears has established high-quality positioning and high standards, developed a smart factory transformation and upgrading program, and gradually promoted intelligent manufacturing.
The first is the ERP and smart factory project. In April, it reached the standardization (1.0) stage, achieving clear identification of management operations and manufacturing processes, operational specifications, accurate data, real-time feedback, and realizable manageability. In July, it entered the lean (2.0) stage. The manufacturing execution system optimized logistics and improved energy efficiency. Complete collection, closed-loop management, and controllable; open intelligent (3.0) phase in October, data analysis, model prediction, abnormal early warning, intelligent operation, to achieve visible.
The second is to achieve a breakthrough in the increase in engine gear upgrades. The scheme has been finalized and the tender has been issued. The implementation has been completed by the end of the year. Realize the whole process of online monitoring, automatic detection, automatic data transmission, with the requirements of automated production. The incremental engine gear upgrade project has built 11 production lines to reach a production capacity of 360 units per day.
The third is the automation and intelligent transformation of the existing 12 production lines. By the end of May, the automation of the assembly line was completed, and the daily production capacity of the transmission was increased by 35%. The auxiliary shaft mill automatic lines and the output shaft automatic line were rebuilt to realize on-line product monitoring and efficiency improvement. 30%.
Datong Gear Co., Ltd. will build the company into a modern intelligent factory through the production line automation project, U9 system smart factory, intelligent manufacturing and other projects, and become the benchmark for smart manufacturing in Shanxi Province.

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