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"Year of the year lies in the spring" The SITRAK smart truck opens a new chapter in China National Heavy

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  In 2017, the entire heavy-duty truck industry has seen a surge in sales. China Heavy-duty truck

commercial vehicles have also ushered in an era of skyrocketing sales volume. Taking the Junde truck

model as an example, the company sold more than 9,000 vehicles in total, of which only Jiangsu The sales

volume in the province reached more than 800 vehicles, which accounted for nearly one-tenth of the total

sales volume of the Quandeka, especially in the case of the rapid development of the e-commerce

logistics and hazardous chemicals transportation industry. Live market opportunities, so that sales have

grown steadily. As for the 2018 that has come, China's heavy truck commercial vehicle also has its own

wishful thinking, and that is to strive to achieve the sales target of 15,000 vehicles throughout the year, and

truly build the Junde truck type into China National Heavy Duty Truck. The leading brand of commercial

  Of course, the prerequisite for good sales is to be able to combine new technologies with practical

applications to meet user needs. As Zhang Liangjie, the chief financial officer of China National Heavy

Duty Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., put it: “Intelligent and informational trucks need to meet the demand for

environmental protection in line with efficient transportation, and the Judecard smart truck is China.

Focusing on safe, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly demand, HEC's commercial

vehicles will combine intelligent, high-efficiency and green environmental protection with a new generation

of smart trucks.Intelligence is the future of automobiles, and improving driving safety is the foundation for

the development of intelligence. Safety cuts in, breaks through the core technologies of vehicle intelligence

and network integration, and builds a new smart truck platform.”
  It is precisely because China National Heavy Duty Truck Group's commercial vehicles have improved

their intelligence, reliability, and after-sales service system. This has enabled the Suide Trucks to create a

quality verification record of no more than 1.5 million kilometers of operation for a period of 42 months.

However, good products will naturally gain the trust and recognition of users. From this time, 237 vehicles

can be certified on the site of Xuzhou Station, which is linked to the Spring Festival Thanksgiving Season.

At the same time, China National Heavy Duty Truck commercial vehicles will continue to be market-

oriented and user-centered, realizing both the benefits of users and their own benefits.

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