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China National Heavy Duty Truck Wins Thirty-four Hong Kong SAR Government Wash Street Vehicles

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/03/26     PV :

  Recently, in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s bid for 34 Euro VI street-

washing vehicles, China National Heavy Duty Trucks emerged and won the bid. This is the first time that

the Hong Kong SAR Government has purchased the Euro VI product heavy-duty trucks in batches. It is

also the first time that the Mainland brand Euro VI Heavy Trucks has achieved sales in the Hong Kong

market. On March 5, the prototype vehicle passed the preliminary acceptance of Hong Kong Electrical and

Mechanical Services Department and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in Hong Kong,

which can be delivered in batches and smoothly entered the final stage.
  As we all know, the Hong Kong region has consistently implemented the most stringent automotive fuel

and exhaust emission standards. Its use of vehicles is basically synchronized with Europe. The high-end

truck market in Hong Kong is occupied by European brands, while the low-end market is occupied by

Japanese brands. In such a highly competitive market, the past mainland trucks have no place at all. In

2013, the first batch of 300 Euro V heavy trucks of China National Heavy Duty Truck entered the Hong

Kong market. This is the first time that the European V heavy trucks produced by heavy truck

manufacturers in the Mainland entered the Hong Kong market in large quantities, and is also the first

Chinese-made commercial vehicle to be licensed in Hong Kong. In the past five years, China National

Heavy Duty Truck has achieved sales of thousands of heavy trucks in Hong Kong, and has always

maintained the status of mainland brands in Hong Kong.
  After many years of intensive cultivation, China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. has occupied a

certain market position in Hong Kong, the quality has been unanimously approved by the majority of users,

the mainland brand image is increasingly improving. All along, the Hong Kong Special Administrative

Region Government has used vehicles such as MAN, Volvo, Scania and other European brands. In the

bidding process, there are more or less restrictions on mainland brands. Therefore, in the procurement

project of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, trucks in the Mainland are still a

blank space. This time, China National Heavy Duty Truck has filled this gap.
  The success of this project is of great significance. This is the first time that China-EU Euro VI emission

standard heavy truck products have entered the overseas market. It once again demonstrates China

National Heavy Duty Truck's leading position in the domestic heavy truck industry. At the same time, it lays

the foundation for the development of national heavy trucks in developed countries and regions. National

brand influence in the international arena. The overall leader of this project, China National Heavy Duty

Truck (Hong Kong) International Capital Corporation, once again set a milestone for the development of

China National Heavy Duty Truck High-end Market and set a clear benchmark for the construction of

“International Heavy Duty Truck”.

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