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25 Units HOWO T7H Natural Gas Tractor Truck Entered Ying Kou Port

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/03/28     PV :
25 CNHTC T7H natural gas tractors successfully delivered to a local logistics company. Yingkou Port Logistics Park main leaders, Yingkou City Green New Energy Logistics Association, Yingkou City Logistics Association main leaders and members of the head of nearly 60 people to participate in vehicle delivery activities. At the ceremony, China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Shenyang Branch Manager Wang Hao signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales and the Yingkou City Green New Energy Association. From then on, China National Heavy Duty Truck "MAN" series of MT13 natural gas engines will display their skills in Yingkou Port.
  As the nearest seaport to the three northeastern provinces and eastern Inner Mongolia, Yingkou Port has become the largest cargo port in Northeast China by virtue of its obvious geographic advantages. It has been ranked in the top 10 in terms of annual throughput for many years in a row, especially in the field of container transportation. The number of branded container vehicles exceeds 10,000, which is more than three times that of Jinzhou Port, the second largest container throughput port in Liaoning Province.
At the delivery ceremony, the person in charge of the purchaser stated: “Through our visit to Jinan to inspect CNHTC, we were shocked by the advanced production line of China National Heavy Duty Truck and the manufacturing standards that are in line with international standards. The market performance of the products was widely acclaimed. It's worthy of the country!"
  Yingkou City Logistics Association and Yingkou Green New Energy Association are all large and medium-sized logistics companies in Yingkou District. They are engaged in various fields such as container transportation and heavy-duty transportation in Yingkou Port and are the backbone of Yingkou Port's logistics and transportation. The two associations once went to Jinan in November 2016 and March 2017 respectively to “walk into China National Heavy Duty Truck”, which has a new understanding of Sinotruk's enterprises and products. After comparison, the quality of CNHTC products was affirmed. Since 2017, some members have successively purchased CNHTC products in batches.

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