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China National Heavy Truck International Co., Ltd. held the "Promotion of the power of sunshine, deepening the fight against corruption and building a clean government," the integrity of the party

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Yang Zhengxu, Deputy Chief Economist of the Group Corporation, General Manager of CNHTC International, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, talked about the theme party class of “Promoting the Operation of Power and Sunshine and Deepening the Construction of Combating Corruption”. Yang Zhengxu combined the reality of the export system, from the "transparent and public nature of the role of deterring power corruption, openness and transparency itself is the constraint of power; transparency and openness are the signs of good governance of the enterprise." Three aspects speak open and transparent, let the power in the sun The importance and necessity of running down. From "fully advancing the management of the risk prevention and control of honest administration; strengthening the supervision of power constraints, ensuring the open and transparent operation of power; vigorously promoting the openness of party affairs and openness of factory affairs; advancing special rectification work; promoting openness and transparency in fields prone to corruption; and strengthening the power under the sun. Operational mechanism guarantees: In five aspects, we talked about how to promote the sun's operation of power, deepen the building of anti-corruption, and promote the standardization and proceduralization of power operation. From the "comprehensive strengthening of the risk prevention management education system; to strengthen and improve the management of risk prevention and management decision-making system; the implementation of a good implementation of the clean management system of risk prevention; establish and improve a clean and risk prevention management supervision system; establish a sound system of early warning and punishment of risk prevention and management; Strict implementation of the accountability system for the prevention of corruption risks has six key aspects. Focusing on ensuring the smooth operation of power, it has advanced the construction of a clean and honest risk management system and put forward specific measures and requirements. Yang Zhengxu published his list of public powers in the party class and reported on the individual's implementation of the "eight provisions" of the central government and existing problems. He also reported major personal and family-related issues. At the same time, it also reported on the problems existing in the implementation of the Central Government’s “eight regulations” by the party committee of CNHTC International. Gao Zengdong, a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Group Company, affirmed this party class and hoped that everyone would fully understand their own responsibilities and be accustomed to doing their job in the normal state of supervision. The secretary of Liu Jiayong talked about the purpose and significance of the party class from the "number one" leader, cultivated employees' sense of belonging, and built an honest and diligent culture. He also reminded all staff to use the power in their hands through case studies, so as to be cautious, independent, cautious and cautious. The language raised the hope and demand. Chen Peng, Standing Committee Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of China National Heavy Truck International Corporation, presided over the party's class activities. More than 240 cadres and employees from various departments of the export system attended the party education.

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