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Worlds first unmanned electric truck opens port trial operation

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/04/16     PV :

The appearance of this unmanned electric truck is not much different from ordinary container trucks except

for the very eye-catching battery modules. Vehicles equipped with Beidou positioning system and laser

radar, millimeter-wave radar, cameras, etc., supplemented by a number of artificial intelligence

technologies, can guarantee the weather, nighttime, heavy fog, rain and snow, and cross-operation of

people, vehicles, and equipment at the scene. Under complex conditions, maintain good operating

conditions to meet the port's 24-hour all-weather production operations.
Relying on the profound foundation and advanced design concept of 60 years of construction, CNHTC

Group has integrated innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, vehicle networking, cloud

computing, new energy and new materials, and tailored the world's first L4 class for the port. Driving an

electric truck. The car model is "HOWO-T5G", equipped with the world's advanced driving system and

mature and reliable pure electric central drive control system. The vehicle can travel up to 120 kilometers

at full load, and the charging time is less than 1 hour.
Today, the major breakthrough of Sinotruk in the area of smart and new energy stems from the solid

development and manufacturing. As the cradle of China's heavy-duty auto industry, China National Heavy

Duty Truck has always focused on the exploration in the field of intelligence and new energy. , is the

intelligent manufacturing pioneer, the leader of new energy vehicles.
In terms of intelligence, in September 2016, China National Heavy Duty Truck released an I-generation

smart truck that combines the functions of anti-recovery, anti-rollover, anti-knock, anti-slide, and adaptive

cruising. The active safety of heavy trucks in China has reached a new level. In December 2017, the first

batch of 20 smart trucks of China National Heavy Duty Truck entered the market and led domestic smart

heavy trucks to enter a new stage of industrialization and commercialization. In February of this year,

China National Heavy Duty Truck launched a large-scale smart truck marketing campaign, seven events in

seven cities at the same time opened the curtain, a total of 1041 orders were harvested, set off a Chinese

smart truck carnival feast. In February, China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. hired Kassel, the world's

first authoritative intelligent engineer, to serve as an artificial intelligence strategy consultant for China

National Heavy Duty Truck Group. Kassel made a keynote speech at China National Heavy Duty Truck

and saw China National Heavy Duty Truck's intelligent production line and China After the Daiichi I-

generation smart trucks, I marveled at the technical level of smart trucks and repeatedly praised

Sinotruck's smart trucks.
In the field of new energy vehicles, from the development of natural gas heavy trucks to the establishment

of a hydrogen kinetic energy vehicle innovation center and the establishment of academician workstations,

Sinotruk has been at the forefront in the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. At present, the product

has covered various types such as pure electric, hybrid power and clean energy. In July 2017, the first

hydrogen fuel cell terminal wagon of China National Heavy Duty Truck was launched. The hydrogen fuel

terminal tractor has caused concern since its launch, and the trial operation of this pure electric truck has

provided a green new choice for port vehicles.
Heavy-duty truck builds an L4 unmanned electric truck for the port, and economical safety cross-border

transportation is the highlight
Tian Lei, deputy head of automotive electronics design department of China National Heavy Duty Truck

Technology Development Center, said that in October 2017, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co.,

Ltd. and academician Li Deyi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly established the Sinotruk

Intelligent Network Alliance Automotive Academician Workstation. The pilot operation was led by Li Deyi,

a member of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Tianjin Port Group Corporation and Tianjin Main

Line Technology Company. It is a tripartite deep technical cooperation and joint technological innovation of

an automobile manufacturing company, a port user company and a cutting-edge R&D enterprise. The bold

attempt of strong cooperation will certainly speed up the update iteration of R&D of unmanned electric

truck products, and innovation will promote the self-revolutionary reform of automated container terminals,

and effectively promote the upgrade and development of China's green intelligent logistics.

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