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China National Heavy Duty Truck Compression Garbage Truck Equipment Qingdao Sanitation Service

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/06/06     PV :

On May 24 and May 29, two heavy-duty compressed garbage trucks from China National Heavy Duty

Truck Group Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. were successfully delivered to Qingdao Sanitation to serve

the summit. The two batches of compressed garbage trucks are the compression garbage trucks of 11

Thomson T5G chassis of CNHTC and the compression garbage trucks of 7 Steyr M5G chassis.
In mid-May, Qingdao Environmental Sanitation Co., Ltd. publicly invited tenders for compressed garbage

trucks. Qingdao Heavy Industry successfully won the bid for its high-quality performance in accordance

with China National Heavy Duty Truck chassis and tops. As the batch of vehicles will serve the Qingdao

Cooperation Summit of the SCO, the delivery time is very tight. Qingdao Heavy Industry attaches great

importance to the production of this batch of sanitation vehicles and quickly organizes personnel to carry

out related work. The chassis does not arrive and the materials are advanced. The priority is to compress

vehicles. The pre-installation, top-coat and commissioning of the tops were completed. On the same day

as the Howard T5G chassis, the company completed the production and assembly tasks of 11

compression garbage trucks and delivered the users ahead of schedule, achieving a breakthrough in

production innovation and receiving the Qingdao City South Urban Management Bureau. Sanitation

Cleaning Corporation highly praised.
Following the delivery of 11 compact garbage trucks in advance, the second batch of 7 Steyr M5G

compact garbage trucks was successfully delivered on May 29.

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