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The first batch of MC04 engines smoothly delivered to users

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/06/28     PV :

With the efficient cooperation of various departments of Hangfa, the entire assembly, test run and painting

process are relatively smooth and the product quality is relatively stable. For the MC04 engine that was

underlined, the organizational quality department, technical department, procurement department, and

assembly and commissioning department of Hangfa made a review step by step, and made clear

requirements from the appearance, packaging, and parts quality to the label's posting position. Zero

issues are sent to the warehouse.

The MC04 engine incorporates the advanced design structure and concept of the Mantech engine. It

adopts a closed cylinder block, an integrated cylinder head, an up-and-down connecting rod, and a high-

pressure common rail fuel injection system. The power covers 141~168PS, and the torque covers

450~600Nm. 6~16t light trucks and buses. The off-line delivery of the MC04 engine is a new milestone in

the development of new products of CNHTC.

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