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China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department held the 2018 mid-marketing work conference to complete the annual mission objectives

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From July 14th to 17th, China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department held its 2018 marketing work conference in Jining. Wang Bozhi, Chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and Cai Dong, General Manager, attended the meeting. The conference focused on “Upgrading the marketing service level, realizing the brand to drive sales and completing the annual mission goal”, summing up the past, exchanging experience, planning the layout, and deciding to win 2018.
In the first half of the year, all the staff of the sales department kept in mind the "1234 Project" goal, focused on the implementation of the "five strengthening eight support" work, precision attack, intensive cultivation, Haowo, Haohao, loved ones service three brands to coordinate operations, achieving sales growth of 33.1 %, the return amount increased by 21.1% year-on-year, and the market share increased by 1.06 percentage points.

At the meeting, Wang Bozhi listened to the work reports of 35 branches and gave them comments. He fully affirmed the dedication of the sales department's overseas marketing to the small family, and put forward three requirements for the sales department.
First, the situation is in danger, seize the opportunity, build confidence, and firmly believe in the work of the second half of the year with the “1234 Project” and consider the work of the next few years with the goal of “first forever”. It is necessary to make full use of the five unique advantages of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. to continue to deepen and maintain the leading position in the industry in the field of traditional superior engineering vehicles, and to seek major breakthroughs in the field of road vehicles, while focusing on enhancing the market share of the provinces and strengthening the province.
The second is to strengthen team building, especially the four types of capacity building, namely hard power, soft power, cohesiveness and self-reliance. It is necessary to build a high-quality marketing team of “professional, dedicated, responsible, enterprising, energetic and energetic”, strictly assessing rigidity, and establish a “pro- and clear” harmonious relationship between the branch and the distribution network unit.
The third is to study regulations, study the situation, and respond well. To be highly sensitive to the international and domestic economic situation and policy orientation, we can perceive the subtle changes in the market in the first time, and keenly explore and capture business opportunities and seize opportunities.

Cai Dong fully affirmed the sales performance of the sales department in the first half of the year, and pointed out the shortcomings in the sales structure. He informed about the upcoming 6th engine-related technical knowledge and engine product development progress, and encouraged everyone to take better measures to bring better products to the market, strive for greater market share, and develop network development, especially the second network. Specific requirements were put forward.
At the meeting, Zhang Xiaodong, general manager of the sales department, made a marketing report. The meeting also carried out a special lecture on "Blue Sky Defence Warfare", and conducted special training on resource management and control, inventory risk management and control, account recovery, finance, tractors, and trucks. The eight labor models in 2017 were commended and the new Haohao product test drive was organized.
Yu Youde, deputy secretary of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Liu Peimin, vice president of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Yu Ruiqun, general manager of truck company, Liu Rongzhang, general manager of Jining Commercial Vehicle Company, and members of the sales department attended the meeting; More than 130 leading cadres at or above the 35 branch offices attended the meeting.

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