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700,000 gearbox assemblies are off the assembly line, this is just the beginning...

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/09/25     PV :

At 8:28 on September 21, the 700,000th assembly of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Transmission Department was launched. In 2017, Wang Hui, a model worker of the group company, and Meng Chun, an outstanding party member of the group company in 2017, jointly unveiled the 700,000th assembly line assembly.

Starting from the QX-6 project, the gearbox department has created a legend of industry development through hardships and twists. With hard work, it has achieved fruitful results. It has been continuously upgraded in five aspects: technology, quality, efficiency, management and quality of employees. The will to pursue the success of the cause, to inherit the passion of entrepreneurship in the spirit of vying for the day and night, the enterprise operation has reached a high level in the industry and made outstanding contributions to the development of China National Heavy Duty Truck.

At the off-line ceremony, Guo Xinhua, the executive secretary and deputy general manager of the gearbox department, on behalf of the party committee of the gearbox department expressed gratitude to the staff comrades who have repeatedly dragged overtime and paid extraordinary work for more than a year, and mobilized and called for the harmonization of all cadres and workers. Thought, unity of action, inspiring spirit and then starting, actively participate in the "100 days of hard work, full strength beyond budget" labor competition activities, lay a good foundation for the development of 2019.

Wang Baozhong, employee representative and assembly manager, made an initiative on how to hand over a satisfactory answer in the labor competition.

Participants enthusiastically sang the "Group Declaration" and expressed the determination and confidence of the vast number of cadres and workers in the gearbox department to help China National Heavy Duty Truck achieve its second take-off.

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