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MC series engine unveiled the 4th military-civilian integration development high-tech equipment achievement exhibition

Author :Heavy Duty Truck     Add Time : 2018/10/25     PV :
Recently, the 4th military and civilian integration development high-tech equipment achievement exhibition was held in the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum. The Man Technology MC series engine produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. was exhibited in the "Advanced Manufacturing" exhibition area.
With reliable performance, advanced technology, materials and excellent design, China National Heavy Duty Truck Man Technology MC series products have been splendid in the advanced manufacturing exhibition area and have been highly praised by relevant leaders.
Li Shangfu, director of the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission, said after listening to the explanation of the product: "This is the typical product of our military for civilian use."
As the most authoritative, comprehensive and exemplary national activity in the field of military and civilian integration of domestic weapons and equipment, the exhibition has gathered the top technology and products from the country, focusing on the advantages of military enterprises, civilian products, and higher High-tech products and technical achievements of institutions, research institutes and other units.

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